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Hello to my friends around the world!

I am very happy to introduce you to

Maria Zelasko Tomaselli, Contemporary Abstract Artist, who is exhibiting at the

2019 New York Art Expo, Pier 90, Booth 120 from April 4th to April 7th! 

Please leave comments for Maria here

or if you have any questions about her art works visit her website.  /https://mariatomaselliart.com/


“A Rising Star”

Maria Zelasko Tomaselli

Contemporary Abstract Awarded Artist

Like a rising star, Maria Zelasko Tomaselli has achieved major creative success during 2018 and 2019.  During this time, Maria’s inspiration gave her the courage to express herself through the arts, as never before.

She has received Certificates of Achievement in two international exhibitions and a place with a gallery in the world’s most famous Art Expo.

She has created ninety new mixed media art works and along with that she has found her unique art language which includes a poetic title for each work of art.

Where did this rising star come from?

Born in Poland, Maria was raised by her father Anthony and her mother Janina Zelasko near the village of Brzezna.  Her childhood was blessed with a natural farm setting and a supportive, loving family.  As a young girl, she was immersed in the beauty of nature.  Surrounded by pastures, forests and the security of her place within her family and in this small community, Maria grew more and more aware of nature and also how people within the farming community interacted to the various cycles of nature.  When she was ten, Maria recalls creating a “Monet” style painting of a cherry tree in bloom at the Brzezna elementary school.  She remembers feeling a magical joy as she painted and amazement with the finished art work.  As she grew older, these memories and the foundation they provided for her creativity, has never left her.

Maria was twenty-two when she moved to New York to live with her brother Anthony and her viewpoint began to expand with new and vibrant experiences.  She studied English at Brooklyn College and Hunter College in New York and she obtained her U.S.A. Citizenship.  Living in New York, she was fascinated by the immense energy that can only be found in New York. N.Y., U.S.A.

DETAIL STORM OF ILLUSION Acrylic Maria Zelasko Tomaselli 2018 (c) Copyrighted All Rights Reserved


Now, Maria’s mixed media art works spring from the memories of her delightful childhood in Poland and her many years of marriage, having children, working and living in the U.S.A. in large cities and small country communities.   Maria’s experimental mixed media art works emerge from her solid and devoted commitment to her own creative process. Her own internal personal reaction to all that she senses becomes the essence of her creations.

About six years ago, Maria went with determination to an art shop, purchased supplies and began to paint with acrylics.  Then she experimented with mixed media using egg shells, fabric and many other objects.  She receives support from family, friends and the internet.  Maria says, “The artist’s world has changed today.  I have had great exposure for my art works and incredible feedback on the internet.  It is amazing to have artist friends around the world.”  She has been invited to exhibit in 2019 at a gallery in France through a Linked in friend’s suggestion. Maria began to sell her artworks from her home studio several years ago.

PREDICTION OF LIFE Mixed Media Acrylic on paper 12 x 12 inches Maria Zelasko Tomaselli 2018 (c) Copyrighted All Rights Reserved


The first half of her creative process is the physical making of the art work.  The second half that truly completes her creations is the inclusion of a poetic title.

While creating the mixed media art work, she is fearless in avoiding a similar scale and only one media.  Her art works evolve moment by moment as lines and shapes float to the surface of her awareness and are integrated with found objects.  She simply chooses her materials and creates her masterpieces with complete integrity.

After the physical art work is completed, the second half of her creation is the poetic title. She is courageously true to herself as she recognizes which emotion has been expressed.  Then she creates the edge of a poem for the title.   These lines of poetry that she conceives as her titles seem to resonate with the very core of our human emotional experience.

It is unusual to conceive of a title as being of such importance to a work of art.  However, the poetry in her titling is an essential part of these creations.  Her titles are rivers of ancient and modern dreams.  They spill over with a medieval connotation and there is a particular contemporary edge within each title.

MODERN CONFLICT Acrylic 24 x 30 inches Maria Zelasko Tomaselli 2018 (c) Copyrighted All rights reserved

We can relate to these poetic titles in a micro-personal manner or view the poetic titles with a macro-universal perspective.  The relationship to the work is up to the viewer.  Although this has certainly been done before, combining poetry with art is Maria Zelasko Tomaselli’s particular spark of genius and within each series of art works, the poetry and the images merge together to form an unflinching view of our world.


GATE OF THE RAINBOW Mixed Media on paper 12 x 12 inches Maria Zelasko Tomaselli 2018 (c) Copyrighted All rights reserved –


In an earlier and more playful artwork, “Gate of the Rainbow,” she paints a quirky door in the middle of a luminous and puffy space, as if it is waiting for someone to open it.  This can become an energetic, hopeful and playful promise to the viewer.


INDESTRUCTIBLE SEQUENCE Mixed Media 18 x 24 inches Maria Zelasko Tomaselli

The mixed media artwork “Indestructible Sequence” can be read as an expression of the age of technology or any other stressful situation and how we may become emotionally locked into a repeating pattern of dependency.


GARDEN ROMANCE Acrylic on paper 18 x 24 inches Maria Zelasko Tomaselli 2018 (c) Copyrighted All rights reserved


While the acrylic painting “Garden Romance” with a few strokes and drops of acrylic paint expresses the joy and delight of romance and the viewer may see brilliant flowers and dancing people within these shapes.


VENDETTA OF A FALLEN TYRANT Mixed Media Maria Zelasko Tomaselli 2019 (c) Copyrighted All Rights Reserved

Within “Vendetta of a Fallen Tyrant,” Maria is exploring many different textures and layering much deeper on the canvas.  There is a particular sense of past and present in this art work as seen in the areas on the left side of the painting and in the lower right corner are definitely receding, in the distance, from another time. We can see these areas as separate and apart from the lines running horizontally across the lower half of the left side which serve to further emphasize this distance.  These lines can express to the viewer that there can be no entrance even though they are as slender as threads!  One can imagine faces in the upper portion and two or three figures in the bottom on the left side.  The lower right corner containing white allow us to enter this image but we are aware of the triangular shape and we move past this upon the thin white lines to embrace the solid textured golden ground.  There is no exit from this island of gold suggesting even further that a safe haven has been reached. When I consider the poetic title and look deeply at this art work, I feel that the fallen tyrant is captured in the dark areas of this canvas and although the title suggests a continuing vendetta, I see that a war has been won by the secure golden ground!

I believe it is important to see and understand that Maria is presenting, in all of her poetic titles and within her images a clear and uncompromising view of the pain of darkness, the anguish of loss, the inevitable human passage into death or mini deaths of our personality.  In this sense, she reminds us of the Spanish legend of “El Duende,” the spirit wind that carries the story about the dark edges of humanity to the storyteller, poet, performer or painter.  “Vendetta of a Fallen Tyrant” is just such a poetic art work.

When asked to talk about her poetic titles Maria says, “I take my time before I name my work! This is very important to me.  Sometimes this can take a few days as I carefully chose the title!  I like my titles to be mysterious, contradicting and dramatic!”

It is rare to find an artist that brings to our world continuous creative gifts through her art works.  Remarkably, these art works express the world of naturally fleeting emotional moments experienced throughout the centuries.  Maria Zelasko Tomaselli’s art language is characterized by her authentic and unique expression of quintessential emotions, her mastery of the materials and her use of poetic Universal titles.

SKETCH OF CRYING DANCE Acrylic 36 X 24 inches Maria Zelasko Tomaselli 2018 (c) Copyrighted All rights reserved

Maria is currently studying at LWSA with Laara WilliamSen, Art Educator and International Professional Painter of Canada.  She is now in her Fourth Semester and completed her first three semesters with a Certificate of Achievement in Painting and Professional Development scoring an A plus grade.  She continues her studies at LWSA in Private Tutorial Classes.

THE INTERIOR OF DEATH Acrylic 22 x 28 inches Maria Zelasko Tomaselli 2019 (c) Copyrighted All rights reserved

Maria’s states her intention in creating her artwork, “When my art works are finished, I hope that my viewers will get a piece of me, my life, my imagination and a deeper look into my soul! But as my titles go, I want to engage them into thinking and that’s the reason I stay mysterious!”

Through out her latest series of art works, MODERN CONFLICT, Maria seems to be asking us to look deeply at not only her world but also our own way of thinking and being in our world.

SCAR OF INNOCENCE Mixed Media 24 x 24 inches Maria Zelasko Tomaselli 2018 (c) Copyrighted All rights reserved

So how did this rising star accomplish her achievements!

In May of 2018, she began confidently to enter Art Competitions and also began plans for her first solo exhibition.

In June of 2018, she was honored to be awarded a Certificate of Excellence for being selected as one of the top 50 artists in the 27th Artavita International Online Contest, U.S.A.

Because of that Award, she was invited by the Artavita gallery to join a major art event.  She accepted and now is a participant in the 2019 New York Art Expo, Pier 92 which runs from April 4 – 7th. 2019.

This year she also received from the Circle Foundation Arts, an Artist of the Year Award Finalist Certificate as one of the top 150 runners up.

As a result of this award, she is now represented online as a Featured Artist by the Circle Art Foundation in France and she is featured in their upcoming  March 2019 issue of the “Spotlight,” magazine.

Her solo exhibition at Wooster Hollow Café in Ridgefield, CT, U.S.A. during December, January and finishing in February 2019 was very successful!

Maria Zelasko Tomaselli’s contemporary abstract artworks are held in private collections throughout the U.S.A.

Be sure you visit our rising star,

Maria Zelasko Tomaselli

in booth 120

at the 2019 New York Art Expo

at Pier 90. 

She will be in attendance from April 4th to April 7th.

For more information you can leave her a message at her website


Laara WilliamSen

Author, Art Educator, International professional painter,

Vancouver Mainland, B.C. CANADA

So very best wishes to all of my friends!  Please feel free to share this article wherever you wish to.  Love and Light to All!


5 ELEMENTS - Earth #4 Original acrylic 24 x 36 inches April 2013 (c) - Copyrighted All rights reserved - Copy - CopyHello my Dear Fiends around the world!

I am absolutely thrilled to share with you that I am the solo artist at the Carl Benz Cloud University online for the month of September, 2015!

Here is the website address: https://www.benz-academy.org/en/culture/exhibition/Laara.WilliamSen

They did an interview with me that I found totally engaging and I hope you will enjoy this too.  I also have 30 images up for you to view; some new and some old but all of my favorites.  My biography is there as well as my artist statement.

And many thanks to my good friend Immo Jalass who recommended me for this exhibition!  Thanks Immo!  None of this would have been possible without you!  Also I really appreciate the introduction that you wrote and I also hope that viewers may have a playful and possible spiritual experience while visiting!  You can view his amazing digital artworks here: http://galeriejalass.tripod.com/

Very Best Regards and many thanks to the Chancellor of The Carl Benz Cloud University, Mr. Manfred Schoenebeck for accepting my artworks for this solo exhibition and special thanks to Mr. Hans-Peter Bergner, the IT Consultant who did all of the exhibition online editing!

I am also delighted to mention that Sherri of Belle Fusion has accepted me along with seven others to be a part of an advertisement through Van City that will be going out to 4.3 million people this week!  Here is her tagline about me!

Laara WilliamSen  – Discover and Experience her dynamic paintings! Her paintings are held in private collections around the world and the permanent collections of PAUL GETTY III MUSEUM, Italy, BUIRO KULTURY, Poland and THE BOSTON ART LIBRARY, U.S.A.  https://www.benz-academy.org/en/culture/exhibition/Laara.WilliamSen

This advertisment is about an upcoming Allure + Prestige: Picasso & Rembrandt event in Vancouver on September 17th.  For more information about this event please go to facebook Belle Fusion Art Event Group.

Most of all thank you to you my dear friends for your ongoing support over the years!  This is what means the most to me.  I wish you all much success, happiness and peaceful times!


Laara WilliamSen

International professional painter

Vancouver, B.C. Canada


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She is having her very first solo exhibition in May, 2015!


HELLO BABY GIRL Original acrylic 8 x 10 inches by Doris Anderson, Vancouver area, B.C., Canada doristheartist.wordpress.com  (c) 2014 Copyrighted All Rights Reserved SOLD 2014 Collector in Florida, USA

HELLO BABY GIRL Original acrylic 8 x 10 inches by Doris Anderson, Vancouver area, B.C., Canada doristheartist.wordpress.com (c) 2014 Copyrighted All Rights Reserved SOLD 2014 Collector in Florida, USA











Hello, I hope to see you on May 24th!  Sincerely Doris



to attend




a solo exhibition of original acrylics






Canadian Abstract Painter




The Good Day Sunshine Café

2950 King George Blvd #100, South Surrey, BC Hours : Monday closed Tues – Friday  8-5 Saturday 9-5 Sunday10-4


May 2nd to May 31st, 2015



May 24th, 2015

1pm to 4pm


For further information about this solo exhibition call 778 241 6926 

and to view more of her artworks please visit http://doristheartist.wordpress.com




Thanks to all of my good friends around the world for having a look at Doris Anderson’s invitation!


I send you my very best wishes and I hope you are enjoying Spring.


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Laara WilliamSen

International professional painter

Vancouver, B.C. Canada


Wayset1a Original Art by IMMO JALASS (C) Copyrighted 2015 All rights reserved

Wayset1a Original Art by IMMO JALASS (C) Copyrighted 2015 All rights reserved

 Hello to my Dear Friends around the world! Sending you lots of good wishes for happiness and creativity! 



IMMOS JALASS International Contemporary Artist

IMMOS JALASS International Contemporary Artist

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Immo Jalass, an International Contemporary Artist, who has made astounding creative growth from his youthful drawings to his art work of today; an infinite exploration of creating original digitally created works of art!  Please enjoy the gallery at the end of the article, where you can click on each image and hope you enjoy as well as the enlarged images of his vibrant art works throughout the interview! 








International Contemporary Artist on March 20th, 2015

Hello Immo

Here are a few questions that we can start with and please just answer in the way you feel most comfortable.

Were you creative as a child and if so how old were you and what do you remember from this experience?

At the age of fourteen, I started drawing with pencil and ink; all the old farm houses in Hamburg-Volksdorf and the landscapes around.

When did you realize that you were an artist?

An Art scene 4 de Original Art by IMMO JALASS (C) Copyrighted 2015 All rights reserves

An Art scene 4 de Original Art by IMMO JALASS (C) Copyrighted 2015 All rights reserves

At the age of twenty-six, on Ibiza working with pencils, color pencils, ink, gouache, water color and oil; working out themes oriented on the figuetrees, the rockets, the sandbeaches and the water.  Doing sketching and drawing sessions with a sculptor friend.

What has influenced your artworks. Other artists, Teachers, (I am referring to your artwork before you transitioned) ?

Jens Cords in Hamburg. He was preparing his own oil colors. My sculptor friend on Ibiza and many other artists around as Bechthold, David Walsh.

Did you have any formal training?

No, never. I am completely self taught. As such I have been working for the Famous Artists Schools in Amsterdam as an Art Instructor for more than a year.

When you began to transition to digital art, what led you to do this?

Already in 1972, I did some theoretical study on computer basics in Amsterdam.

In 1994, I started to work with my first own computer inspired by a friend in Hamburg, just for interest and

in 1998 I began my first artistical approaches with Corel Draw. It has been just the curiosity searching for new possibilities to express the feelings and thoughts of my life.

Can you explain the difference in media – one is very tactile and the other is created through technology – how does this affect your process?

I wouldn’t say that the difference in media affects or affected the process of creating. I am loving, for example, all the possibilities of getting a change in color and structure on a whole picture with a few mouse clicks. On the other hand, I am some times too lazy to work out more details.


Now I am creating digital art works since years and some of them makes me look at them again, again and again, wondering some times how have I been able to create this whatever. Associating the world around and reflecting my feelings, means giving my interpretation. Sometimes I feel like being some kind of an organism directed by the subconscious, by feelings, moments, situations, technical possibilities, wondering what will come out next.

Asappeared70 Original Art by IMMO JALASS (c) Copyrighted 2015 All rights reserved

Asappeared70 Original Art by IMMO JALASS (c) Copyrighted 2015 All rights reserved

Asfigured 1a Original Art by IMMO JALASS (C) Copyrighted all rights reserved

Asfigured 1a Original Art by IMMO JALASS (C) Copyrighted all rights reserved

Can you talk about your art making process a little bit in the transition work?

4 Bild245 Original Art by IMMO JALASS (C) Copyrighted 2015 All Rights Reserved

Bild245 Original Art by IMMO JALASS (C) Copyrighted 2015 All Rights Reserved

In most cases I started with one or two photos. In the meantime though, it has been a long time since I started with a completely new photo. In fact, today there is already a huge stock of existing digitally created art works and more often it happens that I go on working on already existing pictures, from which new pictures are created. Furthermore, I am more often copying an existing picture into another already-existing art work, giving transparency to it, and thus making a completely new picture, where new forms and colors appear as if they were coming out of infinity. These new forms and pictures can end up taking forms and shapes that I myself, have not even thought of. Fortunately, as a digital artist I am able to go on working on an existing picture without losing the original (the first) picture. In this situation a whole new motif-sequence can develop.

Do you choose a theme or series of art works or do you work one at a time.

I am working on all my art works one after the other, some times only just a few things, often until a new variation is created worth to be saved as a completely new art work or just a new piece in an existing series. Seldom having a certain theme, it is mostly a completely unconscious process choosing a theme to work on.

5 Bild372 Original Art by IMMOS JALASS (c) Copyrighted 2015 All Rights Reserved

Bild372 Original Art by IMMOS JALASS (c) Copyrighted 2015 All Rights Reserved

What is your greatest accomplishment that you are happy about in your career as a professional artist

In Progress: “Future Fun Conquest“ a digitally created art show by Immo Jalass at the Carl Benz Cloud University. A new kind of art meets a new kind of Gallery. The opening will be on the 30th of march this year.

Have you had any interviews or reviews and if so can we link this page to them so our readers can learn more about you?

  1. Solomon Walker writing about me on the occasion of my solo exhibition “Immos universe” at the MoDFA (autumn 2014):  http://galeriejalass.tripod.com
  2. ArticulAction’s interview with me on:  http://galeriejalass.tripod.com/interviewed.htm
  3. Several reviews on http://galeriejalass.tripod.com/rezensionen.htm

Do you have any comments or thoughts that may improve the current contemporary art world?

Generally needed is the development of facilities to show digital art works. For example galleries equipped with digital displays (best without a frame), public displays to show more digitally created art, displays for the office and nice private displays for the living rooms.

6 Ongame Original Art by IMMO JALASS (C) Copyrighted 2015 All Rights Reserved

Ongame Original Art by IMMO JALASS (C) Copyrighted 2015 All Rights Reserved

Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for emerging artists just beginning in digital art?

Should emerging artists have been working with pencil and ink before starting in digital art? The technical possibilities are developing. Should they start working on some kinds of drawing pads? Sketching their ideas on paper or digitally? Other possibilities? New possibilities?

7 Scapecheck1 Original Art by IMMO JALASS (c) Copyrighted 2015 All rights reserved

Scapecheck1 Original Art by IMMO JALASS (c) Copyrighted 2015 All rights reserved

Those are interesting suggestions for emerging artists!  I believe as you have suggested that both sketching first or going right to the digital program that allows for sketching are excellent possiblities.  Thank you Immo.

Do you have a c.v. (artists resume) and can you please send it to me

Please see: http://galeriejalass.tripod.com/cvita.htm

Please list any Awards!

Wildfacing2a Original Art by IMMO JALASS (C) Copyrighted 2015 All rights reserved

Wildfacing2a Original Art by IMMO JALASS (C) Copyrighted 2015 All rights reserved


Your questions are covering all important facts regarding my art work and its developement during all the years. More details can be found on my homepage at http://galeriejalass.tripod.com

Please visit the above link to know more about Immo Jalass!

Thank you very much for your interest and your effort in realizing this show of my work.




9 Whocome5dd Original Art by IMMO JALASS (C) Copyrighted All Rights Reserved

9 Whocome5dd Original Art by IMMO JALASS (C) Copyrighted All Rights Reserved

Thank you so much Immo. It is a pleasure to feature your amazing creativity as well as your successful international art career!

Thanks to Solomon Walker, I will now include an important quote regarding IMMO JALASS’ artworks:

Solomon Walker commenting on Immo Jalass: “Immo Jalass is an autodidact.; a self-taught extraordinary creative artist, whose vast body of captivating artwork journeys through several fertile decades, touching on nearly all the major art movements of the 20th century. And, given all that, the most surprising thing about Immo’s artistic output is, that the work remains unique and totally Immo Jalass, even in this early dawn of the 21st century. Teamed with an enthusiastic curiosity that fuels his vision, his creative input and output is tremendous. He is a thoughtful and generous being, who is always ready to share his knowledge and to lend assistance to his fellows. I highly recommend Immo Jalass for any artistic endeavours he pursues or that are proposed for him; and of course, I highly support and recommend his artist work to buyers and collectors at all levels.”


For further information or to purchase Immo Jalass` art work

IMMO JALASS International Contemporary Artist

IMMO JALASS International Contemporary Artist

please contact him at nemhja@upcmail.nl 

or visit website http://galeriejalass.tripod.com

















Laara WilliamSen

International professional painter

Vancouver, B.C., Canada


I am very happy to share the following information.  It is also posted on http://artcafeinternational.wordpress.com

So please have a look and help create a better world by contributing an artwork for this very good cause! 

Love and Light to all, Laara Williamsen, International professional painter, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Art cafe International is pleased to announce our “Call To Artists” for the St. Petersburg Florida Midtown Rotary Annual Gala Fundraiser.   Peter Filzmaier, a member of Art cafe International has met with the Directors of this Rotary chapter and your art donations will be exhibited November 8th through to November 10th.  The Rotary chapter will also be listing your image on their website and promoting the “Rotary Annual Gala and Art Auction” in the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg area in Florida, U.S.A.    Aditional publicity includes listing on this website and on our facebook page so that prospective bidders can preview the art works.

CASINO - Copy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The venue for this event is the historical Manhattan Casino in midtown St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A,

Now more than ever, as artists, we can help to make a better world by contributing our paintings or drawings to a worthy cause!  And the Rotary is just such a cause.  They are a worthy, established charity and have been offering individual, community and national assistance to those in need for so many years!

Please join us by donating an original artwork or a limited edition print.  We are also accepting 4 x 6 inch paintings or drawings done on heavy watercolor paper and framed with a 2 inch matt. 

Submission Deadline – September 15th, 2014.

 All artworks must be received by October 8th, 2014.

This is an international group exhibition and an excellent way to contribute to charity and gain exposure for your art works!  Looking forward to hearing from you!




The Rotary Annual Gala and Art Auction,

St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A.

November 8th to 10th, 2014


Original 2 dimensional art works on stretcher bars can be sized up to 24 x 36 inches and must either have the outside edges painted or be framed with hanging wire  on the back.  Art work can be signed on the front of the painting or initialled and signed on the back.

Original 2 dimensional works of art on quality paper sized 4 x 6 inches are required to be matted 2 inches all around the art work.  No hanger or frame is required.

Original 3 dimensional art works will be considered after viewing email image and reading dimensions and weight of the piece.

Limited edition prints of 50 are required to be matted but not framed.  A certificate of authenticy signed by the artist needs to be included with the art work.   Please copy our Certificate of authenticy and complete the information.  This is at the bottom of the page.




Send an email stating

The art work title, size, media and

Your full name,  Your title, City, State or Province, Country,

Your website or other url (so we can include it on our website!)

along with with an attached image (under 1 MB) of your artwork to





When using mail or courier please check the arrival dates carefully and get a tracking number so you can be sure it arrives on time.  Use express mail if overseas or courier with tracking to again assure delivery before October 8th, 2014.


9229 CR 614 A


U.S.A. 33513

Please be certain that your art work will arrive on or before October 8th, 2014.  We cannot guarantee hanging beyond this date and we cannot return parcels.  We are a fledgling group doing charity events so whether you are using mail or courier, please get a tracking number so you can follow your package and be certain it arrives on time.

Peter Filzmaier will be storing all the art works and doing the hanging for this international group charity event.

If you have questions about the submission process please email peterfilzmaier323@gmail.com or laara63@gmail.com


Help us create a better world by sharing your creativity!

Please copy and complete – send with your Limited Edition Print – series of 50


This certificate authenticates that ________________________ (name of painting)

is number _____________ of a series of fifty Fine Art Prints

created by ________________________________________(your name typed)

_________________________________________(your title)

during the year_________________(year print(s) were created) and further that

this series is the ONLY First Edition of this series ever to be created.

SIGNED_______________________________________ (YOUR SIGNATURE)

AT______________________________ (PLACE OF SIGNING, TOWN, COUNTRY)

ON THIS ____________DAY OF _____________(Month), in the year 2014

The artist’s signature verifies that he/she has personally proofed the print to their creative satisfaction and that this Limited edition print is a high standard of printing with inks on archival paper.



Peter Filzmaier has offered to share the name of his printer and a way to cut down on delivery time.

For those of you who wish to save on shipping costs it is possible for you to use a printer here in the USA and have the printer ship the prints to me but you will still have to send me a Certificate of Authenticity for each print.  The printer’s website is www.posterprintshop.com the printer does good work that is reasonable in cost.

Very best wishes – we look forward to hearing from you, sharing this event with you and together helping to make a better world!

If you liked this post please feel free to share in on Twitter, your facebook page, Linked in or anywhere else you like!


Laara WilliamSen

International professional painter

Vancouver, B.C., Canada


Peter Filzmaier

Outstanding colorist painter

St. Petersborough, Florida, U.S.A.







PLEASE EMAIL ME AT….. laara63@gmail.com

It seems complicated but it is not…. I can only have one Gmail account.  So laarawilliamsen@gmail.com is down and

laara63@gmail is up and running!

Upcoming articles include a feature about Jeanette Luchese, an accomplished Canadian painter and

special news of a unique art school that  I had the pleasure of visiting while in France!



Laara WilliamSen

New Dawn 2 -  Peace,  8 x 10 inches, oils

New Dawn 2 – Peace, 8 x 10 inches, oils

International professional painter

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Peace, Love and Undersstanding Original Acrylic, 12 x 14 inches by Laara WilliamSen 2013 (c) Copyrighted,

Peace, Love and Undersstanding Original Acrylic, 12 x 14 inches by Laara WilliamSen 2013 (c) Copyrighted,

Hello my friends!  I am really happy because my art work was selected as part of the 165 visions of Peace that will travel with The Peace Project Exhibit!  I am very honored to know that my art work will help to create peace.  The sales from all artworks are used to make a better world though the Peace Projects for those who are less fortunate in Sierra Leone and the USA!

Here are the dates for for the touring exhibition where a print of my art work can be purchased and all proceeds are then donated to The Peace Project 2013 Peace, Love and Understanding!
  • September 21st & 22nd — Affair of the Arts, Culver City, CA
  • October 5th — Art Zone 461, San Francisco, CA
  • October 12th — 29 Pieces, Dallas, TX
  • Thursday, November 7th — Evening Reception, Landmark Arts Building, Chelsea, NY
  • Saturday, November 9th — Open House, Landmark Arts Building, Chelsea, NY
  • November 23rd — The Whole 9 Gallery, Culver City, CA

You can also visit my art work online and make a purchase there which again is 100% donation to help the Peace Project 2013!  http://www.thewhole9.com/thepeaceproject-full.php?id=2567

Sending you all lots of Love and Light

Laara WilliamSen

International professional painter

Vancouver, B.C.




YAY! GOOD NEWS!  This April, I am going to fly to Italy and stay at the Ozu Cultural Centre which is an old candy factory that has been refurbished and converted into artist studios and accommodations.

View from Ozu Cultural Centre, Prov. of Sabina, Italy

View from Ozu Cultural Centre, Prov. of Sabina, Italy


Located about 30 miles east of Rome in the province of Sabina, Ozu Cultural Centre sits high upon a mountain top with amazing views of olive groves, distant valleys and rolling hills.  The nearest village of 1,000 residents, is Monteleone about 3 miles away from Ozu!


Inside Ozu Cultural Center, there are bunk room style accommodations or  single rooms with a shared bathroom, a huge kitchen and dining area.  Meals are all prepared from fresh foods and we will share the cooking, clean up and of course we will all dine together!  I am very pleased that they will accommodate my vegetarian diet!


There are three studios; a photography studio, a clay and ceramic studio and a very large open studio for dancing or painting in!  I may do both!  But definitely PAINTING!!!

Three to five artists live at the Ozu Cultural Centre year round and their companionship, plus the other artists who are visiting, make this a perfect artist community for me to paint in.  I am taking a whole roll of canvas and plan to create large acrylic paintings!  One of the resident artists, Paola, from Ozu has ordered a large board for me that will serve as my wall to tack the canvas onto and I will stretch the paintings when I return home!


The artists from Ozu Cultural Centre are also coming to meet me at the airport and take me to Ozu as well as return me to the hotel near Leonardo da Vinci airport on the 21st of April!  After that I am going to the Center Plaza in Rome to people watch and take pictures.  Then I am going to find a nice restaurant and have some more great Italian food!  I will make my way back to the hotel and get up early to fly home on April 22nd!

On Saturday, APRIL 20th at 1:00 PM in conjuction with the Ozu Cultural Centre, I am having a gathering!  All of my Italian friends are invited and also those of my friends who may be traveling in the area. 

Please request your invitation by contacting me at laara63@gmail.com before April 4th.  Looking forward to meeting you at Ozu!


Also, thanks to all of my friends on Linked in, Twitter and Facebook for our creative exchanges and to those of you who have offered me both personal and creative support…..Lots of Hugs to you!

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Laara WilliamSen

International professional painter

Vancouver, B.C. Canada


I am pleased to be able to share Watermans presention of a new outdoor commission and other scheduled exhibitions.  I was not able to get the images and hope to be adding these soon!

GEOMETRY by Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves

Wednesday 1 February – Wednesday 12 September 2012
Dawn – 12 midnight

GEOMETRY was made possible with a grant from The Mayor of London’s Outer London Fund and is supported by The London Borough of Hounslow. The installation will be opened by Boris Johnson, Mayor of London on Thursday 2 February and will run until the end of September 2012.

GEOMETRY is a kinetic installation that uses light as a means of communication and is inspired by such communication devices as light houses, military signal lights and the Morse code. The interplay of the different movements of the sculpture create a symbolic language of communication between the sculpture and the viewer.
GEOMETRY exploits wind-farm technology to drive two masts which cross (one vertically one horizontally) on which mirrors are attached. The reflection of the sky in the mirrored blades and the movement of the sculpture itself create different kinetic effects according to the time of the day and season. At nightfall the signal is reinforced through projections of laser light from the horizontal mast. Laser lines will be projected from the Watermans building onto the horizontal mast and reflected from the sky. 

Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves explores the meaning and impact of light through her work. She uses light and sound technologies to create a mysterious art of beauty and power, challenging the boundaries of her materials and our own perceptions of them. The resulting kinetic work appears frameless and seems to possess a life of its own. Her audience is invited to engage in both the works’ seductive simplicity and delve into their complex layers of mystery.
Key examples of D’Estienne d’Orves’ work include Gong: a resonant, pulsating, often frightening work from her Cosmos Series in 2009 and Monolithe, in 2008, which stands like a futuristic needle-point surrounded by ancient spiritual drama and was presented at Paris’ all-night art happening, Nuit Blanche.
In 2004, Félicie founded the in-visible collective, a conceptual multi-media studio, In-visible – http://www.feliciedestiennedorves.com/

Technical support has been provided by Mechatronic company Bonfiglioli who delivered the motor solutions for the installation. Watermans would also like to acknowledge the contribution of David Simpson of Show Laser Systems for the laser technology, Michel Delarasse and the Institut Français.
GEOMETRY is part of the International Festival of Digital Art 2012 – http://www.watermans.org.uk/exhibitions/exhibitions/international-festival-of-digital-art-2012.aspx
Also showing at Watermans Gallery:

Cymatics by Suguru Goto

Produced by Action Sharing


Saturday 7 January – Sunday 19 February 2012

Daily 12 noon – 9 pm, Free



Cymatics is a kinetic sound sculpture that expresses the artist’s vision of nature through a series of symbolic elements that are used harmoniously in a technological context.


Cymatics creates real spaces that are metaphysical and spiritual at the same time. A place where art is a bridge between the material and the spiritual, between technology and nature, and between the humanities and science. The result is a harmonic vision of the elements of nature, demonstrating the morphogenic effect of sound waves (cymatics).


The creative process involved building a synergy between music to be seen and images to be heard, so as to create a sensorial performance for the complexity of human perception.


Goto’s works have been performed at major festivals. In 1998, he was invited to perform at Sonar, Barcelona; in 2003, he gave a concert at the Pompidou Centre, in Paris; in 2011 performed at Share Festival and in 2009 his ’Robotic Music’ was shown at the 53rd Venice Biennale  in Italy.


Cymatics is the second project to be produced by Action Sharing, an initiative proudly sponsored by the Torino Chamber of Commerce.

Action Sharing is designed to create a platform for syncretic research, encouraging the convergence of art, innovation and science. Based in Turin (IT) and directed by Simona Lodi and Chiara Garibaldi, Action Sharing is the only project of its kind in Europe to give artists a team of robotics engineers, with specific high-level expertise, to produce works of visual art.







Cymatics is exhibited at Watermans as part of the International Festival of Digital Art 2012 with support from The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation and The Japan Foundation

Watermans Riverside Gallery:
The aesthetics of disgust by Katrin Baumgarten


Sunday 22 January – Sunday 19 February 2012


“The revolting object exerts a certain ‘macabre attraction’ over the subject, leading to a peculiar absorption in the object and lending a magnetism to this aversion.” Kolonai, Aurel

The power of disgust affects us in every aspect of our life. Disgust shocks, entertains, and sears itself into memory. By introducing the aesthetics of disgust as a tool for design, one can intensify the user and object relationship through creating paradoxal emotions, going beyond practicality and functionality.

These eccentric light switches explore disgust and its possible transitions in the technological age. The exhibit consists of multiple designs of an everyday object, each based on a different approach to disgust, and to examine the provoked reactions. Every time a switch is pressed, a virtual light-bulb on a screen is lighting up as a feedback for the test-person. Through its simplicity and its everyday occurrence, the interaction with a switch has been marginalised into subconscious behaviour. But what if your interaction has consequences.

One of the switches has hairs that become erect when a finger approaches. Another secretes goo, one is made of fingernails and another of chewing gum. The most playful creation refuses to be
switched at all and hides when a finger approaches. The switches are monitored by an Arduino circuit board which records which was pressed, when and for how long.

One of the purposes of the work is to show that people are indeed both repelled and fascinated by the disgusting transformation of the switches.

Katrin Baumgarten holds an MA from the Royal College of Art and an MSc from Imperial College London. Her projects revolve around human-technology interaction and explore future possibilities within technology and art. She loves to see the magic that appears when an inanimate object suddenly starts to move and respond to external stimuli in ways normally attributed to humans. Katrin is freelancing for interactive design consultancies at the moment, as well as developing her own practice. http://katrinbaumgarten.de/

For more information about the above please contact:

Irini Papadimitriou
Head of New Media Arts Development
40 High Street

Direct line: +44 (0)20 8232 1012
Admin: +44 (0)20 8232 1020


Painting Exhibition in Portugal



or contact me directly at

Canada 604 536 0139.

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Laara WilliamSen

International professional painter

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