YAY! GOOD NEWS!  This April, I am going to fly to Italy and stay at the Ozu Cultural Centre which is an old candy factory that has been refurbished and converted into artist studios and accommodations.

View from Ozu Cultural Centre, Prov. of Sabina, Italy

View from Ozu Cultural Centre, Prov. of Sabina, Italy


Located about 30 miles east of Rome in the province of Sabina, Ozu Cultural Centre sits high upon a mountain top with amazing views of olive groves, distant valleys and rolling hills.  The nearest village of 1,000 residents, is Monteleone about 3 miles away from Ozu!


Inside Ozu Cultural Center, there are bunk room style accommodations or  single rooms with a shared bathroom, a huge kitchen and dining area.  Meals are all prepared from fresh foods and we will share the cooking, clean up and of course we will all dine together!  I am very pleased that they will accommodate my vegetarian diet!


There are three studios; a photography studio, a clay and ceramic studio and a very large open studio for dancing or painting in!  I may do both!  But definitely PAINTING!!!

Three to five artists live at the Ozu Cultural Centre year round and their companionship, plus the other artists who are visiting, make this a perfect artist community for me to paint in.  I am taking a whole roll of canvas and plan to create large acrylic paintings!  One of the resident artists, Paola, from Ozu has ordered a large board for me that will serve as my wall to tack the canvas onto and I will stretch the paintings when I return home!


The artists from Ozu Cultural Centre are also coming to meet me at the airport and take me to Ozu as well as return me to the hotel near Leonardo da Vinci airport on the 21st of April!  After that I am going to the Center Plaza in Rome to people watch and take pictures.  Then I am going to find a nice restaurant and have some more great Italian food!  I will make my way back to the hotel and get up early to fly home on April 22nd!

On Saturday, APRIL 20th at 1:00 PM in conjuction with the Ozu Cultural Centre, I am having a gathering!  All of my Italian friends are invited and also those of my friends who may be traveling in the area. 

Please request your invitation by contacting me at laara63@gmail.com before April 4th.  Looking forward to meeting you at Ozu!


Also, thanks to all of my friends on Linked in, Twitter and Facebook for our creative exchanges and to those of you who have offered me both personal and creative support…..Lots of Hugs to you!

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