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5 ELEMENTS - Earth #4 Original acrylic 24 x 36 inches April 2013 (c) - Copyrighted All rights reserved - Copy - CopyHello my Dear Fiends around the world!

I am absolutely thrilled to share with you that I am the solo artist at the Carl Benz Cloud University online for the month of September, 2015!

Here is the website address: https://www.benz-academy.org/en/culture/exhibition/Laara.WilliamSen

They did an interview with me that I found totally engaging and I hope you will enjoy this too.  I also have 30 images up for you to view; some new and some old but all of my favorites.  My biography is there as well as my artist statement.

And many thanks to my good friend Immo Jalass who recommended me for this exhibition!  Thanks Immo!  None of this would have been possible without you!  Also I really appreciate the introduction that you wrote and I also hope that viewers may have a playful and possible spiritual experience while visiting!  You can view his amazing digital artworks here: http://galeriejalass.tripod.com/

Very Best Regards and many thanks to the Chancellor of The Carl Benz Cloud University, Mr. Manfred Schoenebeck for accepting my artworks for this solo exhibition and special thanks to Mr. Hans-Peter Bergner, the IT Consultant who did all of the exhibition online editing!

I am also delighted to mention that Sherri of Belle Fusion has accepted me along with seven others to be a part of an advertisement through Van City that will be going out to 4.3 million people this week!  Here is her tagline about me!

Laara WilliamSen  – Discover and Experience her dynamic paintings! Her paintings are held in private collections around the world and the permanent collections of PAUL GETTY III MUSEUM, Italy, BUIRO KULTURY, Poland and THE BOSTON ART LIBRARY, U.S.A.  https://www.benz-academy.org/en/culture/exhibition/Laara.WilliamSen

This advertisment is about an upcoming Allure + Prestige: Picasso & Rembrandt event in Vancouver on September 17th.  For more information about this event please go to facebook Belle Fusion Art Event Group.

Most of all thank you to you my dear friends for your ongoing support over the years!  This is what means the most to me.  I wish you all much success, happiness and peaceful times!


Laara WilliamSen

International professional painter

Vancouver, B.C. Canada


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Peace, Love and Undersstanding Original Acrylic, 12 x 14 inches by Laara WilliamSen 2013 (c) Copyrighted,

Peace, Love and Understanding PEACE PROJECT EXHIBITION 2013 Original Acrylic, 12 x 14 inches by Laara WilliamSen 2013 (c) Copyrighted,

Thank you to all of my family members, to my wonderful friends on Linked in and to the friends I have in my everyday life!  You all make my days complete!  Without you I would not have the Love, Joy and Peace, that I experience in my life!

Early on, My Grandmother MacNaughton taught me to have Faith, Hope and Charity and she always told me that the greatest of these three is Charity!

Faith means to me never giving up and knowing that somehow we are all connected; one song, one breath, one heartbeat!

Hope is the essence of believing in miracles, knowing that the best will come.  It just has to!

Charity is sharing what I have with the world, freely, with a good feeling of doing the right thing!

I want you to know that I can’t keep this up every moment of every day!  But all throughout my life, during difficult times, circumstances have flipped around in my favor.  I just keep remembering to take it a day at a time and that things do change.  I am very, very lucky.  And I am very fortunate to have my family and to have met so many wonderful friends on Linked in, around the world and for the all of the amazing friends I have in my everyday life!

Thank you so much all of you!  I send you each of you my wish for you to have lots of  LOVE, JOY AND PEACE now and in 2014!


Laara WilliamSen

International professional painter

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Recently I met a wonderful new friend on my Linked in network!


Her name is Sylvia and she lives in France.  She introduced me to a project

smiles project france, S.A.B.+M.Wysoczynski JUST PRESS TO VISIT THE SITE


sylvia adjabroux  » smilesprojectfrance «
24 rue Arnaud Miqueu 33000 Bordeaux France

This  project was started by M. Wysocrzynski in Poland and is now spreading around the world.  This very simple idea is to share a drawing of a SMILE, and then it will be placed into the hospital wards of sick children!


There you go!  How easy is that!  So I drew three Smiles with pastels and sent them to Sylvia and now they are going to be displayed in the Children’s Hospitals!   It felt wonderful to contribute to this worldwide offering to hopefully bring a bit of cheer to little children who are suffering from terminal illnesses.

You can join too. Here is Sylvia’s message to you!


smiles project for children


est une idée simple


«   collect smiles from people

around the world,

show them at children hospitals

around the world.   »

Une idée

de Marek Wysoczynski


une  :) dée

partie de Pologne


a franchi le temps, les front :) ères et toute différence


qui s’expose sur les murs des hôpitaux

offrant aux enfants

des sourires du monde des bien portants

qui s’expose dans des lieux culturels

offrant à tout visiteur une visite assurée de bonheur

à travers une galerie incroyable de dédicaces heureuses.

Cette idée

Smiles Project for children de Marek Wysoczynski

directeur culturel de l’Agence de Promotion culture Gdansk

Krzywoustego 22/14

80360 Gdansk



a déjà récolté plus de 10000 smiles à travers le monde à l’occasion de ses voyages culturels. Peu à peu, a wall smiles  s’est créé, peu à peu  des ambassadeurs d’autres pays d’abord autour de la Pologne puis jusqu’en Orient organisent avec lui des expositions soit dans les hôpitaux soit dans des lieux culturels et artistiques offerts au public.
smile de jean maraisjean marais
C’est en répondant à son invitation artistique d’ajouter mon « smile »  pour le Smiles Projet de Marek Wysocsynski  que cette collaboration artistique, culturelle et philosophique est venue. Le désir de faire connaître en France ce projet ainsi que le partager à mes amis artistes qui ne seraient pas encore au courant est la raison de la création de ce blog.  Vous inviter, amis, inconnus, sportifs, politiques, artistes, tous ceux à qui le coeur en dit de nous rejoindre pour qu’on arrive à faire une belle exposition de cette collection formidable, une belle exposition qui s’enrichirait de nos sourires jusqu’à une prochaine édition.

create a smile DEDICACE, your smile will make us all happy

a genious idea came from  Poland that passed time, front eras and any differences which will be exhibited on the hospital walls providing children smiles from the world of the healthy and which is exhibited in cultural centers offering every visitor a tour of happiness guaranteed through a gallery of amazing dedications – happy.
This idea –  Smiles Project for Children originated from Marek Wysoczynski the Cultural Director of the Agency for Cultural Promotion, Gdansk and has already collected over 10,000 smilies worldwide on the occasion of its cultural tours. Little by little, smiles on a wall was created, little by little ambassadors of other countries first around Poland, then in the East will be organized exhibitions with him, either in hospitals or in places of cultural and artistic offered the public.
By responding to his invitation to add my artistic « smile »for the Smiles Project Marek Wysocsynski that this collaboration of art, culture and philosophy has come. The desire to make known in France this project and share it with my artist friends who are not yet aware of it, is the reason for creating this blog. You invite friends, strangers, sportsmen, politicians, artists, anyone who tells the heart to join us so that we arrive to a beautiful exhibition of this great collection, a beautiful exhibition which would be enriched by our smiles up in a forthcoming edition.

thank you in advance for your smily participation


votre  » ambassadrice smile » artiste
sylvia adjabroux  » smilesprojectfrance «
24 rue Arnaud Miqueu 33000 Bordeaux France


Autographs in the form of smiles for exibitions in children hospitals around the world.   Children are also doing
the smile workshop, learning to do something for each other.  There are smiles by musicians, sportsmen, politicians and last
but not least artists smiles meeting smiles made by children
from all over the world. See also the Smile examples on http://www.promocjakultury.pl

Hope you can also join our Smile project,
and send Smiles to our Project, and a big SMILE to you all 🙂


CHILDREN, you’re not forgotten!

sylvia adjabroux  » smilesprojectfrance «
24 rue Arnaud Miqueu 33000 Bordeaux France



Thanks! LOL

Laara WiilliamSen


I’ve got a wonderful friend,who is going through a major life transition.  I call these times of change “Train Crashes!”  Even though I accept her just as she is ,today, she was looking for some guidance.  Before we hung up the telephone, she was laughing very loudly!  I asked her to go to the mirror and practice smiling and making her eyes light up!  I once heard that Goldie Hawn was driving a car and when she looked in the rear view mirror she noticed her eyes weren’t twinkling, so I think she pulled the car over and as she put it, “I needed to stop and see, really see everything!”  I am paraphrasing here.  So this is what I asked my friend to do.

“Sing a little song,” I suggested to my friend.  It is impossible to stay depressed while singing!  Anything will do; You are my Sunshine, On Top of Old Smoky, Days of Wine and Roses, In the Arms of an Angel, Up against the Wall, whatever just belt out the song.  Some neighbours will probaby love to hear you!

Tonight she called me to let me know that it worked!  Amazing that smiling and twinkling eyes and singing can quite often change our mood and return us to a peaceful state of mind!

So come on world, let’s all try it….smile, notice what’s around us and sing, sing, sing!

Could the beginning of world peace be this simple.  Soldiers smiling and singing and smiling.  Politicians singing, maybe even whistling a little tune.  Corporate executives smiling, singing, singing.

Hey, wait a minute!  This is more than a pastime.   Isn’t it just possible that singing may be contagious and if it is…..well who knows what might happen next!

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