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Hello to my friends around the world!

I am very happy to introduce you to

Maria Zelasko Tomaselli, Contemporary Abstract Artist, who is exhibiting at the

2019 New York Art Expo, Pier 90, Booth 120 from April 4th to April 7th! 

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or if you have any questions about her art works visit her website.  /https://mariatomaselliart.com/


“A Rising Star”

Maria Zelasko Tomaselli

Contemporary Abstract Awarded Artist

Like a rising star, Maria Zelasko Tomaselli has achieved major creative success during 2018 and 2019.  During this time, Maria’s inspiration gave her the courage to express herself through the arts, as never before.

She has received Certificates of Achievement in two international exhibitions and a place with a gallery in the world’s most famous Art Expo.

She has created ninety new mixed media art works and along with that she has found her unique art language which includes a poetic title for each work of art.

Where did this rising star come from?

Born in Poland, Maria was raised by her father Anthony and her mother Janina Zelasko near the village of Brzezna.  Her childhood was blessed with a natural farm setting and a supportive, loving family.  As a young girl, she was immersed in the beauty of nature.  Surrounded by pastures, forests and the security of her place within her family and in this small community, Maria grew more and more aware of nature and also how people within the farming community interacted to the various cycles of nature.  When she was ten, Maria recalls creating a “Monet” style painting of a cherry tree in bloom at the Brzezna elementary school.  She remembers feeling a magical joy as she painted and amazement with the finished art work.  As she grew older, these memories and the foundation they provided for her creativity, has never left her.

Maria was twenty-two when she moved to New York to live with her brother Anthony and her viewpoint began to expand with new and vibrant experiences.  She studied English at Brooklyn College and Hunter College in New York and she obtained her U.S.A. Citizenship.  Living in New York, she was fascinated by the immense energy that can only be found in New York. N.Y., U.S.A.

DETAIL STORM OF ILLUSION Acrylic Maria Zelasko Tomaselli 2018 (c) Copyrighted All Rights Reserved


Now, Maria’s mixed media art works spring from the memories of her delightful childhood in Poland and her many years of marriage, having children, working and living in the U.S.A. in large cities and small country communities.   Maria’s experimental mixed media art works emerge from her solid and devoted commitment to her own creative process. Her own internal personal reaction to all that she senses becomes the essence of her creations.

About six years ago, Maria went with determination to an art shop, purchased supplies and began to paint with acrylics.  Then she experimented with mixed media using egg shells, fabric and many other objects.  She receives support from family, friends and the internet.  Maria says, “The artist’s world has changed today.  I have had great exposure for my art works and incredible feedback on the internet.  It is amazing to have artist friends around the world.”  She has been invited to exhibit in 2019 at a gallery in France through a Linked in friend’s suggestion. Maria began to sell her artworks from her home studio several years ago.

PREDICTION OF LIFE Mixed Media Acrylic on paper 12 x 12 inches Maria Zelasko Tomaselli 2018 (c) Copyrighted All Rights Reserved


The first half of her creative process is the physical making of the art work.  The second half that truly completes her creations is the inclusion of a poetic title.

While creating the mixed media art work, she is fearless in avoiding a similar scale and only one media.  Her art works evolve moment by moment as lines and shapes float to the surface of her awareness and are integrated with found objects.  She simply chooses her materials and creates her masterpieces with complete integrity.

After the physical art work is completed, the second half of her creation is the poetic title. She is courageously true to herself as she recognizes which emotion has been expressed.  Then she creates the edge of a poem for the title.   These lines of poetry that she conceives as her titles seem to resonate with the very core of our human emotional experience.

It is unusual to conceive of a title as being of such importance to a work of art.  However, the poetry in her titling is an essential part of these creations.  Her titles are rivers of ancient and modern dreams.  They spill over with a medieval connotation and there is a particular contemporary edge within each title.

MODERN CONFLICT Acrylic 24 x 30 inches Maria Zelasko Tomaselli 2018 (c) Copyrighted All rights reserved

We can relate to these poetic titles in a micro-personal manner or view the poetic titles with a macro-universal perspective.  The relationship to the work is up to the viewer.  Although this has certainly been done before, combining poetry with art is Maria Zelasko Tomaselli’s particular spark of genius and within each series of art works, the poetry and the images merge together to form an unflinching view of our world.


GATE OF THE RAINBOW Mixed Media on paper 12 x 12 inches Maria Zelasko Tomaselli 2018 (c) Copyrighted All rights reserved –


In an earlier and more playful artwork, “Gate of the Rainbow,” she paints a quirky door in the middle of a luminous and puffy space, as if it is waiting for someone to open it.  This can become an energetic, hopeful and playful promise to the viewer.


INDESTRUCTIBLE SEQUENCE Mixed Media 18 x 24 inches Maria Zelasko Tomaselli

The mixed media artwork “Indestructible Sequence” can be read as an expression of the age of technology or any other stressful situation and how we may become emotionally locked into a repeating pattern of dependency.


GARDEN ROMANCE Acrylic on paper 18 x 24 inches Maria Zelasko Tomaselli 2018 (c) Copyrighted All rights reserved


While the acrylic painting “Garden Romance” with a few strokes and drops of acrylic paint expresses the joy and delight of romance and the viewer may see brilliant flowers and dancing people within these shapes.


VENDETTA OF A FALLEN TYRANT Mixed Media Maria Zelasko Tomaselli 2019 (c) Copyrighted All Rights Reserved

Within “Vendetta of a Fallen Tyrant,” Maria is exploring many different textures and layering much deeper on the canvas.  There is a particular sense of past and present in this art work as seen in the areas on the left side of the painting and in the lower right corner are definitely receding, in the distance, from another time. We can see these areas as separate and apart from the lines running horizontally across the lower half of the left side which serve to further emphasize this distance.  These lines can express to the viewer that there can be no entrance even though they are as slender as threads!  One can imagine faces in the upper portion and two or three figures in the bottom on the left side.  The lower right corner containing white allow us to enter this image but we are aware of the triangular shape and we move past this upon the thin white lines to embrace the solid textured golden ground.  There is no exit from this island of gold suggesting even further that a safe haven has been reached. When I consider the poetic title and look deeply at this art work, I feel that the fallen tyrant is captured in the dark areas of this canvas and although the title suggests a continuing vendetta, I see that a war has been won by the secure golden ground!

I believe it is important to see and understand that Maria is presenting, in all of her poetic titles and within her images a clear and uncompromising view of the pain of darkness, the anguish of loss, the inevitable human passage into death or mini deaths of our personality.  In this sense, she reminds us of the Spanish legend of “El Duende,” the spirit wind that carries the story about the dark edges of humanity to the storyteller, poet, performer or painter.  “Vendetta of a Fallen Tyrant” is just such a poetic art work.

When asked to talk about her poetic titles Maria says, “I take my time before I name my work! This is very important to me.  Sometimes this can take a few days as I carefully chose the title!  I like my titles to be mysterious, contradicting and dramatic!”

It is rare to find an artist that brings to our world continuous creative gifts through her art works.  Remarkably, these art works express the world of naturally fleeting emotional moments experienced throughout the centuries.  Maria Zelasko Tomaselli’s art language is characterized by her authentic and unique expression of quintessential emotions, her mastery of the materials and her use of poetic Universal titles.

SKETCH OF CRYING DANCE Acrylic 36 X 24 inches Maria Zelasko Tomaselli 2018 (c) Copyrighted All rights reserved

Maria is currently studying at LWSA with Laara WilliamSen, Art Educator and International Professional Painter of Canada.  She is now in her Fourth Semester and completed her first three semesters with a Certificate of Achievement in Painting and Professional Development scoring an A plus grade.  She continues her studies at LWSA in Private Tutorial Classes.

THE INTERIOR OF DEATH Acrylic 22 x 28 inches Maria Zelasko Tomaselli 2019 (c) Copyrighted All rights reserved

Maria’s states her intention in creating her artwork, “When my art works are finished, I hope that my viewers will get a piece of me, my life, my imagination and a deeper look into my soul! But as my titles go, I want to engage them into thinking and that’s the reason I stay mysterious!”

Through out her latest series of art works, MODERN CONFLICT, Maria seems to be asking us to look deeply at not only her world but also our own way of thinking and being in our world.

SCAR OF INNOCENCE Mixed Media 24 x 24 inches Maria Zelasko Tomaselli 2018 (c) Copyrighted All rights reserved

So how did this rising star accomplish her achievements!

In May of 2018, she began confidently to enter Art Competitions and also began plans for her first solo exhibition.

In June of 2018, she was honored to be awarded a Certificate of Excellence for being selected as one of the top 50 artists in the 27th Artavita International Online Contest, U.S.A.

Because of that Award, she was invited by the Artavita gallery to join a major art event.  She accepted and now is a participant in the 2019 New York Art Expo, Pier 92 which runs from April 4 – 7th. 2019.

This year she also received from the Circle Foundation Arts, an Artist of the Year Award Finalist Certificate as one of the top 150 runners up.

As a result of this award, she is now represented online as a Featured Artist by the Circle Art Foundation in France and she is featured in their upcoming  March 2019 issue of the “Spotlight,” magazine.

Her solo exhibition at Wooster Hollow Café in Ridgefield, CT, U.S.A. during December, January and finishing in February 2019 was very successful!

Maria Zelasko Tomaselli’s contemporary abstract artworks are held in private collections throughout the U.S.A.

Be sure you visit our rising star,

Maria Zelasko Tomaselli

in booth 120

at the 2019 New York Art Expo

at Pier 90. 

She will be in attendance from April 4th to April 7th.

For more information you can leave her a message at her website


Laara WilliamSen

Author, Art Educator, International professional painter,

Vancouver Mainland, B.C. CANADA

So very best wishes to all of my friends!  Please feel free to share this article wherever you wish to.  Love and Light to All!


ILDIKÓ KALAPÁCS Painter, Dancer, Sculptor, Video Artist, Teacher, Lecturer

Ildikó Kalapács life story spans two continents while her creative vision is born of a universal sense of the deepest rivers of thought and emotion.  Couple this depth with her commitment to the expression of cultural, racial and class identity in the context of globalization and her artworks and projects literally breathe with her intense creative perceptions.  It is my privilege to introduce you to the creative work of Linked in network member and International professional artist, Ildikó Kalapács!

FRAGILE Original painting by Ildikó Kalapács (c) COPYRIGHTED 2011 All Rights Reserved. Used with the permission of the artist.

Ildikó Kalapács was born in socialist Hungary on June 13, 1965, in Szeged city.  She grew up during the Cold War era and comes from a background of staunch and sturdy family members. Her parents were among the first to get a high school degree in their families and they encouraged her as a youth to pursue whatever she wished to pursue.  She received an excellent free education and began Folk Dancing classes at the age of eight years old. Of her dancing, Kalapács says, “I fell in love with it and I have been dancing since then.  I believe it was the improvised aspect of folk dance which intrigued me the most.”  With her older sister’s encouragement, she  was accepted into an art high school at the age of fourteen years old. She came to the USA when she was twenty two years old. Attending the Eastern Washington University from 1988 till 1992, she received a BA degree in Studio Art on completion of her studies.

BEARING SCULPTURE Profile Original by Ildikó Kalapács (c) COPYRIGHTED 2011 All Rights Reserved. Used with the permission of the artist.

 Kalapács willingness to speak out about social causes and to help others through her art making is evidenced in her art in public spaces.  Most recently she conceived the Bearing Sculpture Project which was created in the small bronze sculpture version by Kalapács in 2008, with grant funding from the non-profit Puffin Foundation, Inc.  The Bearing Project is a public sculpture and it is proposed to be cast life-size by the internationally known Walla Walla Foundry.  When completed it will be placed in a prominent location in the greater Spokane area, in Washington, U.S.A. This larger completed sculpture will be a gift to the community from the donors of the Bearing Public Sculpture Project Fund.

BEARING SCULPTURE Top Original by Ildikó Kalapács (c) COPYRIGHTED 2011 All Rights Reserved. Used with the permission of the artist.

Celebrating the strength of women across the world, this sculpture depicts a woman carrying a man which represents the burden that war places on the human spirit. Dispossessed women carry the weight of family and spousal responsibilities; bearing the physical and emotional load of the aftermath of war.

BEARING SCULPTURE Front Original by Ildikó Kalapács (c) COPYRIGHTED 2011 All Rights Reserved. Used with the permission of the artist.

In her own words, Ildikó Kalapács expresses the essence of the Bearing Project by saying, “It is essential for a compassionate society to acknowledge women’s positive contributions to the healing of soldiers during and after wars, be it on the front lines or at home.  It also demonstrates courage when one helps the returned soldiers to fight their next battle in peace time and to encourage them to accept a partnership in that.”  The in-progress Bearing Public Sculpture Project can be viewed at the website  http://thebearingproject.com/

A selection of other art in public spaces that Kalapács has created are; “Dream Catcher” at the Planned Parenthood of the Inland Northwest, in Spokane, Washington, U.S.A. where she created an almost wall size painting for them.  She incorporated words into the work which are related to the purpose of their service and depicted young people of both genders. “Relief”, Spokane Hospice, Washington, U.S.A. was created for the Hospice of Spokane.  She created a painting for the family contemplation room where grieving families go to reflect.  It is a more traditional portrait of a young woman, with her hair down, but words are playfully incorporated into her locks. At the Kamiyamada Bunkakaikan, Computer Print Works in Collection, Kamiyamada, Japan she was invited by the Japanese for an annual Hungarian Japanese print exhibition where she exhibited computer printed versions and variations of some of her paintings.

Ildikó Kalapács states, “I investigate the overlaps of various identities and their ambiguities — cultural, personal, language, gender, image. And our identities play against the natural environment in the context of our global era. Everything is in more flux than ever due to our volatile global culture with its instant communication and mobility.

My images grab a moment in time, yielding glimpses of a perceived state of culture and identity. My motivation to explore identity is the fact that I have lived in two opposing cultures (Hungary and the USA). As an artist and dancer, I live in a well-connected international world.

I am exploring cultural, racial and class identity in the context of globalization using internal (inner) realities and through external images. It reflects my background as an artist and dancer exploring other cultures, but at the same time well grounded in my own Hungarian culture. I marry the universal and the culturally specific both of which are equally important in our era.”

LOVE Original painting by Ildikó Kalapács (c) COPYRIGHTED 2011 All Rights Reserved. Used with the permission of the artist.

These mixed medias offer a  refreshing  view of “woman” in her ordinary flesh.  So much of our current commercialization of the female image hides the reality of the female aging process or even just what women’s bodies really look like!  So quite aside from the other attributes of Kalapács art works, these art works give the viewer a much needed, rare and truthful view of women’s bodies.

HEART Original painting by Ildikó Kalapács (c) COPYRIGHTED 2011 All Rights Reserved. Used with the permission of the artist.

In these mixed media works, the incorporated photographs are collected from the USA, Transylvania and Hungary proper.  The photographs focus on cultural and personal identity and how people depict that identity through photographs.  Kalapács is currently expanding her images to include other cultures in the context of globalization and social class.

Both the old photographs at the bottom of each art work and the loosely floating designs, that can be suggestive of an old fashioned fabric or translucent drapery, can depict for the viewer a sense of place and history.  There is a certain and clear honesty in Kalapács perceptions and in her translation of her perceptions into these creations. This truth is immediately felt and known as we view her art work. It is not surprising then that her matured art language gives each artwork a new breath of life while honouring traditions and women from all walks of life..

Of her more than one hundred exhibitions, recent solo and group exhibitions include the Central European University, Soros Foundation, Budapest, Hungary,  Lonely Canary Gallery, Spokane, Washington, U.S.A., Bank Left Gallery, Palouse, Washington, U.S.A., Invitational Travelling Group Show by Landfill Art Project, PA, U.S.A., Spokane Valley Art Auction Show, Spokane Valley, Washington, U.S.A. All Media Juried Show, Chase Gallery, Spokane Washington, U.S.A., “Pushing Against the Wall”, Two Wall Gallery, Vashon Island, Washington, U.S.A., Moses Lake Art Museum, One Year Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Washington, U.S.A., “Domestic Patterns,” Kolva Sullivan Gallery, Spokane Washington, U.S.A., “Feminist Exhibition”, Tacoma Community Collective, Tacoma Washington,  “The Feminist Myth”, Arts West, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., Unitarian Universalist Church Gallery, Spokane, Washington, U.S.A.,  “Straddle,” Szeged, Hungary, First World Exhibition of Hun Am Artists, Cultural Center, Nyíregyháza, Hungary, Muhely Galéria, Szentendre, Hungary, Szalóky Galéria, Budapest, Hungary, Hungarian Culture Center, Castle District, Budapest, Hungary and the Tinman Art Works, Spokane Washington, U.S.A..

A true creative, Ildikó Kalapács is a painter, dancer, sculptor and video artist.  She has taught and lectured in all of these disciplines both in the U.S.A. and in her birth country of Hungary.  Kalapács says that both the visual arts and folk dance have contributed a tremendous amount to her life.  She acknowledges the solitude that is required in the studio to create her art works and feels that by contrast dance has given her an opportunity to learn and work in a group as no other profession can.  She feels that both these art forms have brought a balance to her life.  And just beneath that balance is her life time of achievements and her finely honed creativity sensibility.  This can only be evidence of  a deep, innate root of courage within her; a voice that speaks out for social causes, a hand that does not falter and a heart that gives unconditionally.

Ildikó Kalapács many creative achievements really do exceed the boundaries of this article and I invite you to learn more about her by visiting;


BEARING SCULPTURE Top Original by Ildikó Kalapács (c) COPYRIGHTED 2011 All Rights Reserved. Used with the permission of the artist.

**The Bearing Public Sculpture Project’s websites:


Or contact Ildikó Kalapács directly at ildiko@ildiart.com

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Laara WilliamSen
International professional painter, author

I am very happy to share that the four artworks shown here have been accepted into SYMBIOSE!

"AMENSALISM -looking at faces sleeping on granville,"Original mixed media by Laara Williamsen (c) COPYRIGHTED 2011 All Right Reserved For Sale $900 Euros

Here are the details!

Six weeks, more than 120 artists from 28 different countries: that’s SYMBIOSE ART FESTIVAL in Breda, The Netherlands.

Paintings, drawings, collages, mixed media, video, photography and other graphic
techniques, woven tapestries, sculptures and installations. By artists of all ages and from
all parts of the world: Australia – Belgium – Brazil – Canada – Germany – France –
Greece – Great Britain – Ireland – India – Italy – Japan – Kazakhstan – Lithuania –
Morocco – Netherlands – Norway – Ukraine – Austria – Pakistan – Portugal –
Russia – Spain – Turkey – United Arab Emirates – United States – South Africa –

"PARASITISM young girl alone at the corner," Original mixed media by Laara Williamsen (c) COPYRIGHTED 2011 All Right Reserved For Sale 900 Euros



De StadsGalerij,
Oude Vest 34
4811 HT Breda
The Netherlands

July 7 – August 14, thursday – Sunday, 12:00-17:00 hrs
Vernissage: Every Friday, 19:00-21:00 hrs



"SYMBIOSIS; espirt de corps, skateboarder ," Original mixed media by Laara WilliamSen (c) COPYRIGHTED 2011 All Rights Reserved. For Sale 900.00 Euros

"MUTUALISTIC, two friends sharing on the street, " Original mixed media by Laara WilliamSen (c) COPYRIGHTED 2011 All Rights Reserved. for Sale 900.00 Eur





For more information please contact:
Gert-Jan van den Bemd, curator

visit http://www.grandoulard.com



All the Best

Laara WilliamSen


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