Laara WilliamSen's Original painting CHERISHED 12 x 12 inches acrylics Original is offered for sale by the Tikkum Olam Restoration Project (c) COPYRIGHTED 2011 All Rights Reserved.


I am optimistic that through projects such as “Tikkun Olam – A Restoration Project” and other environmental groups, we can make the necessary changes to our lifestyles and governments in order to correct the devastating imbalance in our air, soil and water. Never before in our history have we had so much responsibility for our whole earth or the means to communicate around the world instantly through the internet. We can begin to view ourselves and our world with an eco-centered economy in mind and set aside our current monetary system so that this new earth centered economy can be implemented. We are so much more than our Gross National Products! The full measure of a nation depends upon a wider view that includes social factors and respecting and sharing the commons; water, air and soil. Although written many centuries ago, the values, as outlined in Tikkun Olam, hold very true for today. So many people are already striving to do their best to replenish our world. A new earth focused balance is coming into being through these efforts.  As a child I was fortunate to grow up in the Lower Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada amidst forests and fields. I am still enjoying the sunlight in the trees and I cherish our park land and old growth forests. I am honoured to be able to contribute my painting which is intended to represent an old growth tree and the need for preserving our forests.


Laara WilliamSen International professional painter, author

I nominate 2 non-profit charitable organizations I would like TIKKUN OLAM to support.





Hi, I want to share the TIKKUN OLAM: RESTORE EARTH ART PROJECT information that fellow Linked in member, Mickey Bond sent to me!  I am entering and will post a photograph later of the art work I am sending!

TIKKUN OLAM: A Restoration Project

Artists Respond to Earth's Crises Past & Present

Presented by Alta Contemporary Art, Tubac AZ in alliance with
Industria Studios in Tucson.
The Jewish Community Center Tucson, Arizona

September 15 thru October 25, 2011
Opening Reception: Sunday, September 18th 1-4 PM

Artists of all ethnicities, countries, ages, backgrounds and media are participating in the project. The Hebrew phrase tikkun olam (tee-KOON oh-LUHM) means "repair (the) earth." Today the phrase is synonymous with the notion of social action, social justice and the importance of Tzedakah tseh-DUH-kuh) meaning charity, righteous behavior, justice & fairness andmitzvot (commandment or good deeds). We can trace the concept of tikkun olam to the Mishnah, a body of classical rabbinic teachings compiled in the 3rd Century. In this instance, the phrase is used when discussing issues of social policy, insuring a safeguard for the poor and disadvantaged.

16th century kabbalist and mystic, Rabbi Isaac Luria, saw the world as poised in a precarious state of good and evil where mankind plays a crucial role in the balance by participating in the world’s “reparation” or replenishment. Simply put we all have a stake in the battle against injustice and the improvement of our environment. Humanity’s responsibility to change, improve, and fix its earthly surroundings is powerful. It implies that each person has a hand in working towards the betterment of his or her own existence as well as the lives of future generations. (

TIKKUN OLAM: A Restoration Project
Artists Respond to Earth’s Crises Past & Present

Presented by Alta Contemporary Art, 8 Calle Inglesia,, Tubac, ARIZONA, U.S.A. in alliance with

Industria Studios, 1441 E. 17th Street, Tucson, ARIZONA, U.S.A.

The Jewish Community Center Tucson, Arizona 

September 15 thru October 25, 2011
Opening Reception: Sunday, September 18
th 1-4 PM

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