Good News!  I am so happy to be one of 26 international artists that have come together to create FIBERFUSION which will be exhibited September 1-30, 2011 at White Rock Museum, 14970 Marine Drive, White Rock, B.C. Canada.

Twenty six artists from eleven countries have created individual fiber paintings to create the FiberFusion International Mural.  Each artist has created a painting using fiber to complete the spiral!

FIBERFUSION INTERNATIONAL MURAL BACKGROUND for 26 International Artists fiber paintings! Virtuos Infraganti Collective (c) COPYRIGHTED 2011 All Rights Reserved


The goal of the collective which is called Virtuosi Infraganti is to tour the Mural through North and South America and then to Europe during the next two years. The name was chosen for the collective of artists because Virtuosi means skilled and Infraganti depicts “caught red handed” or translates as “in the moment!”

“The name FiberFusion became a “shortened” version of “The fibers that bind us” which is the concept that brought forth this project. “We are all bound by the Internet, in one way or another. It’s optic fibers to start with…. As artists we are bound by a common passion. We are bound by emotional and intellectual threads and ultimately by the threads in the canvas we are all expressing ourselves on… fusing the fibers of each canvas into a mural with a spiral design further binding us with this ancient symbol of evolution,” says Alicia M. Ballard.

FiberFusion, is the brainchild of White Rock Artist Alicia M B Ballard” Through her internet social media connections she initiated this project and gathered the artists, the volunteers and with her boundless energy and enthusiasm she continues to carry the spirit of the project to fruition!  You can visit the website to learn more about each artist and the itinerary. The first exhibition is at the White Rock Museum and Archives, 14970 Marine Dr., White Rock, B.C. Canada and runs Sept. 1 – 30, 2011. Visit with some of the artists on Sept. 3 at 11am and 2:30pm For further information please contact Alicia M. Ballard at