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Contemporary Artist – Media Photography

The Spanish phrase “El Duende” means  literally the goblin wind; the wind that carries the story and the force behind a person’s creative life.  Among Latin curanderas, it is understood as the ability to be filled with spirit that is more than one’s own spirit. When we view one of Didier Bonaventure’s art works we have the chance to be engaged with this spirit wind!


Didier Bonaventure's Original artwork from the series "Point a la ligne" Number 06 (c) COPYRIGHTED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED USED WITH THE ARTISTS PERMISSION.

However, when Bonaventure’s art works are viewed within the context of each of his intended series, we can see clearly that these artworks are “El duende” and represent allegories of the human condition and our changing world.

DIDIER BONAVENTURE Original Artwork JE PENSE A TOI 01 (c) COPYRIGHTED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Used with permission from the artist.

“THINKING OF YOU” “Je Pense a toi” is a serial development of twenty-one photographic images created in a manner that resembles pencil drawing.  The figures are transparent throughout suggesting transition.  A reference is made to an older man, a person in a wheelchair, a younger woman and man.  In the first art work a figure in the right foreground looks at a shadow of a man or child.  A white spirited figure in the distance seems to be emanating power.

View the full series athttp://www.flickr.com/photos/didier-bonaventure/sets/72157607161062121/

DIDIER BONAVENTURE'S Original Artwork, JE PENSE A TOI 08 (c) COPYRIGHTED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Used with the Permission of the Artist.

Born in Paris, France, in 1956,  Didier Bonaventure moved to Quebec, Canada where he has resided and worked since 1990.  He discovered his passion for photography at the age of twelve years, while he watched with fascination as his brother developed film in the family bathroom.  Later in the Fall of 1977, Bonaventure realized his first photograph in Porchefontaine District of Versailles in France.  He used a borrowed Voigtlander camera and describes this experience as, “…a kind of power, it was fun to shoot and appropriate a particular topic…(I felt) strong emotion, jubilation, satisfaction, tutti quanit!” *Quote is an expert from an Interview conducted by N. Yaccarini, September 17, 2007 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

DIDIER BONAVENTURE Original Artwork JE PENSE A TOI 09 (c) COPYRIGHTED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Used with the Permission of the Artist.

In Singapore, in 1978,  he purchased his first SLR – a Minolta SRT 303b. with a 50mm f: 2. device.  While travelling extensively throughout Southeast Asia, he took numerous successful black and white photographs of walls, houses and landscapes. Since 2005, he has enjoyed digital photography, using the immediacy of  hands on photographic alterations as well as using various technical manipulations to create his art works.

Influenced throughout his life by many noteworthy musicians, philosophers, scientists, leaders, psychologists, artists and of course photographers, Bonaventure is a living tribute to self achievement.  The humanists like Doisneau, Brassai, Cartier-Bresson and Klein have helped to inspire his art works.  His first series “Perspectives,” and also “Agreements, Disagreements.” reflect this influence.  However one of his greatest humanist projects “The Crossroads,” which he has been working on since September 2007, is unique. The series “The Crossroads” addresses the problems of change and passing time at an important historical and geographic location in Montreal; the corner of St. Catherine and St. Laurent.  When this work is completed in 2012, he will publish a Limited Edition Book, “The Crossroads” with a sub-title of “Tomorrow is not so far.” The French title is “2007/2012: Le Carrefour.”

DIDIER BONAVENTURE'S Original artwork SENTI-MENT-AIMANT 12 from the series L'exhibition-Senti-Ment-Aimant _2010 (c) COPYRIGHTED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Used with the Permission of the Artist.


Bonaventure’s surrealistic artwork, number twelve, from the series “L’exhibition Senti-Ment-Aimant” speaks of the state of humanity as filtered through the myriad of historical translations of life. This artwork poses the question, “Does the power and magnetism of the art gallery, taken as a metaphor for our lives, teach us love, sentimentality, attraction or deception?  Do we choose happiness and if we do. is this a plural happiness?  This artwork can be viewed as a request to move forward into the light in the gallery; into our own lives to choose!

For the full series L’exhibition Senti-Ment-Aimant view at http://www.flickr.com/search/?w=23288518%40N06&q=SENTI-MENT-AIMANT&m=text

Bonaventure says that he is only concerned with the concept and the final image and yet he imbues each artwork with a quintessential Expressionism providing the viewer with a landscape of both mind and heart.  In his own words he says, “For me, right now, only the result counts….. what will stay, can stay.”

DIDIER BONAVENTURE Original Artwork Image 03 from the series NO! 2011 (C) COPYRIGHTED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Used with the Permission of the Artist.

No exploitation of nuclear energy is one of Bonaventure’s core beliefs.
His series entitled “NO!” portrays a landscape altered.  In light of Japan’s recent tsumnai and nuclear disaster, he is voicing a concern that is felt worldwide.

Bonaventure’s images are strangely beautiful in a haunting sense, depicting an outcome that lies before us as long as we continue with our current misuse of nuclear power. The environmental crises has been a recurring theme for Bonaventure since he began his career.

Bonaventure is committed to donating the profits from sales of the series of art works “NO!” to the INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS.

View the full series NO! at http://www.flickr.com/photos/didier-bonaventure/sets/72157626287855158/


NO! #4 Original artwork by Didier Bonaventure COPYRIGHTED (C) 2011 All Rights Reserved Used with permission of the artist

DIDIER BONAVENTURE Original Artwork 05 from the series NO! (c) COPYRIGHTED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Used with Permission of the Artist


“Non conquest of the West” is a series depicting transition through a personal and physical journey.

DIDIER BONAVENTURE Original Artwork Image 51 "Vancouver" Series "Non Conquest of the West." (c) COPYRIGHTED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Used with permission of the Artist.

“Outside, inside?
Inside, outside?
The border (which can separate us from) sometimes
may be so slight and subtle
that many eyes would see the difference.
Only a broken heart in this exercise
can feel what is nuance.

Certainly there in Vancouver and Vancouver
The city and the city, one end or the other.
One we can see, want to see …
Anyway, here’s what I’ve seen, caught and finally accepted.” Didier Bonaventure

DIDIER BONAVENTURE Original artwork Image 49 "Vancouver Series Non Conquest of the West" (C) COPYRIGHTED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Used with the Permission of the Artist.


He knew that his announced departure
Had indeed begun.
Quiet and relaxed, sure of his strength,
He was about to confront, finally, again,
passing time.

“Hope Yet
That of getting lost on the way
To revive,
As in the past
When a statue of two seconds
The time for him
Stopped.” Didier Bonaventure

To view the complete series “Non Conquest of the West”http://www.flickr.com/photos/didier-bonaventure/sets/72157625960276916/

The series “ALCHEMY” is a serial development of seven surrealistic photographic art works depicting;

1 Atermoiement, 2 Conciliation, 3 Entropy, 4 Scandale, 5 Indifference, 6 Caprice, 7 Eternite.

DIDIER BONAVENTURE Image 07 "Eternity" in the series "Alchemy" (c) COPYRIGHTED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Used with Permission of the Artist.

Please view the full series “Alchemy” http://www.flickr.com/photos/didier-bonaventure/sets/72157605566331416/

“POINT, LINE”is a serial development of fifteen photographic images, many with inset images that are like words within a story.  View the full series athttp://www.flickr.com/photos/didier-bonaventure/sets/72157606885007332/

DIDER BONAVENTURE Original artwork Image 3 from the series POINT, LINE (c) COPYRIGHTED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Used with Permission of the Artist.


DIDIER BONAVENTURE Original Artwork Image 6 in the series POINT, LINE (c) COPYRIGHTED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Used with the Permission of the Artist

DIDIER BONAVENTURE Original Artwork Image 4 in series POINT, LINE (c) COPYRIGHTED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Used with the Permission of the Artist.

Often within the series “Point, Line” there is a repetition of the image in a different scale creating movement within the dramatic tonal contrasts.  Certain images seem caught as if from the edge of the viewer’s eye.

In 1984 Bonaventure was honored to receive First place “Communication Award” from Total Company in New York, N.Y., U.S.A. He has done photographic portraits of artists, musicians, actors, actresses including both the reknown sculptor Bernard Turin and choreographer dancer Corinne Lanselle.  He has facilitated creative workshops both in Paris, France and in  Laval, Quebec, Canada.

Didier Bonaventure has exhibited extensively in France at the following venues; le Salon International de la Photographie de La Celle Saint Cloud, le Centre Culturel de Bièvres, la foire Internationale de la photographie de Bièvres, le Centre culturel et éducatif du Bourget, la Bibliothèque de Chatenay-Malabry, la Galerie BIP à Montrouge, l’Hôtel de Ville de La Queue en Brie, le Centre Culturel André Malraux au Vésinet le Pecq, au Théâtre municipal à Issy-les-Moulineaux and in Canada, at the terrasse du Figaro de la ville Québec and the Café Classique in Quebec.

To reach a place of freedom as a creator, I believe that one must loose themselves to the creative process, find the spirit wind, the El Duende and Didier accomplishes this while maintaining his focus on his initial concept.  His ability to choose a subject and create meaningful images in ever expanding new formats is the mark of his matured and powerful art language.  Combined with his expert technical skills, Bonaventure’s art works provide us with a multitude of authentic humanistic experiences and a raw and yet sublime insight into the heart of this artist.

Didier Bonaventure, Contemporary Artist - Media Photography, Quebec, Canada


Didier Bonaventure has over 1,300 artworks on his web page at
http://www.flickr.com/photos/didier-bonaventure/ I hope that you will visit and enjoy more of his art works!

He is actively seeking venues to exhibit his artworks in the future.  Gallery owners are welcome to contact him at

CANADA 418 524 6586A  regarding his availability for exhibitions.

All of Didier Bonaventure’s photographs are available prepared in TIFF as Limited Edition Print- Hand signed and numbered by the artist.

To purchase a Limited Edition Print please contact him by emailing





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