A collection of original paintings by Master Painter: Art Giddings!

Over the past three months, I have had the pleasure of sharing exhibition space with Art Giddings who is an International Professional Fine Artist.  Early on, I became aware of Art’s easy going manner and his real humility about his achievements.  When questioned about how long he has been painting, he offers a little smile and a gentle word or two.  So even though I am guessing, I think we are safe to say that for the past 50 years, Art has been creating art works that now grace the homes of people all over the world!

Art is clearly proud of having learned his painting techniques from a member of the Group of Seven, while he was studying Art in Toronto.

I believe that Art Giddings is a true Master Painter.  He creates with various medias with the expertise of a well practiced hand.  Working on delicate rice paper he achieves a unique image of Canada’s Northern Lights.  With bold acrylic colors, he paints the vineyards in the Okanagan.  Using gold foil and acrylics, his paintings become lyrical treasures.  Working on a styrofoam base, his images resemble Australian aboriginal stone drawings.  The use of color and line forming exquisitely well balance compositions are the elements that define Art Giddings very authentic art language!  To purchase a painting visit Art at


Saturday, December 18th between 11 – 2pm

15715 Croydon Avenue, South Surrey, B.C.

For further information: irmabjidmast@shaw.ca