This weekend I spent time at the White Rock Social Justice Film Festival near Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Wow, these films were really an eye opener.

The first film titled “Food Inc.” has rocked me to my roots. I thought I was doing a pretty good job of eating locally and watching what I purchase. But no wait, there is DEFINITELY more I can do!  The film points out that five major companies control the products on our supermarket shelves.  The vast branding and product lines are there to give us choice but it’s really the same companies just repackaging the goods.  Alarmingly the fact is corn syrup and soya are present in 98% of all products on the shelves, but there are many names for them so we can’t easily see this.  Obviously it would be wonderful if Health Canada would label all foods with Genetically Modified Organisms so we could choose.  What’s this you say?  What is a Genetically Modified Organism?  Also know as GMO’s these began to come onto the market in 2002 and were in about 10% of our products on grocery shelves.  This has escallated without our awareness.  Sometime ago Monsanto, a company, patented “life.”  That is they altered a seed genetically and patented it.  Wrong.  We should not be patenting “life.”  Life should be a free condition for humans, plants animals.  But comodification of cattle, chickens and hogs has also created a huge manufacturing production processing en mass which means that the hamburger one may eat at a fast food restaurant actually came from hundreds of cattle.  Disgusting.  Especially the images of the conditions they are raised in. 

Back to GMO’s for a moment.  Foods with GMO’s actually contain pesticide and can contain DNA from animals.  It is a human experiment and we have some idea now that due to the increased use of corn syrup in almost everything 1 out of 3 Americans will develop diabetes.  1 out of 2 indiginous peoples will develop diabetes.  So if the growers are feeding the cattle CORN, Oh my gosh, then if I eat beef I’m eating GMO’s.  Yikes.   Screeeeech…..I think I may become a vegetarian AND I’M DEFINITELY GOING TO SPEND A LITTLE MORE AND PURCHASE ONLY ORGANIC AND LOCAL FOODS!

I really miss the farm.  It was so very simple.  Grampa milked the cow and we had wonderful fresh cream.  I’ll never forget the taste of warm cream on my porridge early in the morning.  Mom and Dad grew a vegetable garden and Mom canned and froze everything so we had plenty of fresh and wholesome food all year round.  I’m going to plant a balcony garden this year and help my friend with her garden as well.  I may drive out to the Valley and find some organic berries and freeze them.  Last year, I froze a few bags of fresh organic blueberries and they were wonderful!

The last film was “Playing for Change!” If you haven’t heard them it is soooo worth it. You can visit their website http://playingforchange.org  

Sort of affirms my singing for peace. I heard this over and over again in the film, that when we sing we are peaceful and happy. The film documented a group of literally poverty stricken villagers who began to make music and people came out of their lean tos and began to sing and dance.  And so many others all around the world all singing the same songs.  “Stand by Me.”  “Let there be Love.”  “No more War.”  Both the passion and the quiet dignity of the singers touched my heart.   There is something about just beating on a drum, the resonance can connect us to the earth, I believe.  There is something about singing a note, an aaaaah note can open the heart!  Let’s keep on singing for peace! (And PLEASE LET’S watch what we eat!)  Thanks for dropping by!