I’ve got a wonderful friend,who is going through a major life transition.  I call these times of change “Train Crashes!”  Even though I accept her just as she is ,today, she was looking for some guidance.  Before we hung up the telephone, she was laughing very loudly!  I asked her to go to the mirror and practice smiling and making her eyes light up!  I once heard that Goldie Hawn was driving a car and when she looked in the rear view mirror she noticed her eyes weren’t twinkling, so I think she pulled the car over and as she put it, “I needed to stop and see, really see everything!”  I am paraphrasing here.  So this is what I asked my friend to do.

“Sing a little song,” I suggested to my friend.  It is impossible to stay depressed while singing!  Anything will do; You are my Sunshine, On Top of Old Smoky, Days of Wine and Roses, In the Arms of an Angel, Up against the Wall, whatever just belt out the song.  Some neighbours will probaby love to hear you!

Tonight she called me to let me know that it worked!  Amazing that smiling and twinkling eyes and singing can quite often change our mood and return us to a peaceful state of mind!

So come on world, let’s all try it….smile, notice what’s around us and sing, sing, sing!

Could the beginning of world peace be this simple.  Soldiers smiling and singing and smiling.  Politicians singing, maybe even whistling a little tune.  Corporate executives smiling, singing, singing.

Hey, wait a minute!  This is more than a pastime.   Isn’t it just possible that singing may be contagious and if it is…..well who knows what might happen next!