2:01 am
February 23, 2010

In these rare hours

spiral corridors of thoughts shuttle

a wild dictation pre-empting logic

where impossible seeds take hold

in my landless neurology

dissolving drop by drop

into my sleep darkly.

So…..having slept a dreamless sleep, I awakened this morning and moved through the day with an ever increasing need to fantasize about a world filled with people who care about one another deeply.

A world where no one suffers and the air and water are clean.

A world where there is no war…no more killing and senseless diseases are conquered.

Hey, I can dream. Why don’t you join me!

I have this theory which is not my own but based on scientific data.

The one hundredth monkey syndrome.

On an island, far, far away there were ninety-nine monkeys.  They were quite hungry and yet playful.  They began to play with the stones on a beach.  Tossing them back and forth and up into the air.  Quite by accident, one monkey took a bite out of the stone, only to discover that it was a potato. True, monkeys would probably prefer bananas, but there were no bananas, just potatoes and once the word got around all of the ninety-nine monkey began to eat potatoes.

Now here’s the good part. Right about that time, on a nearby island, for no apparent reason, a monkey who knew nothing of the potato revelation on the first island, picked up a potato and began to eat it!

I’m not implying that we are monkeys, but really if we all dream the same dream, you never know what might happen.
Let us keep our hope, compassion and love foremost in our hearts and minds as we move through each moment of our day! Peace is possible!