This week has been filled with busy, busy, busy activities! I have found myself visiting and staying with a young friend whom I dearly love and who has been ill.  So, I was able to keep her company and give her a hand with a few odd things like lifting a pot out of the cupboard, getting the milk out of the fridge, carrying bags to my car and driving her to appointments.  You may have guessed.  One of her recent physical problems is a few cracked ribs. Ouch.  Been there.  Done that and so I am glad to help her!
I’ve spent a good deal of time writing to new contacts from The Art Professionals Worldwide group that I have joined.  I really enjoyed visiting their portfolios and commenting.
Recently, I received word that a good friend, 51 years of age has moved on due to cancer.  I am quite shocked as I really thought he was going to pull through.  This reminds me even more how much I want to complete my book, “Pathways to Health.”  I did a rough draft in 2006 and tutored a student, C.W, who was recovering from cancer.  She has given me a wonderful testimonial for the book and the activities that helped her move through to recovery.  Of course, I cannot guarantee health but I know from my own success at overcoming cancer that this is a very real possibility once a person determines how valuable life is!
I am still developing my website. You can visit it by scrolling down to the bottom of this blog and clicking on Laara WilliamSen’s Website.   Along with eyestrain and a major headache that seems to be reticent to leave me……..oh, no.  Do I really have to stop and rest……..well, maybe……soon!
So for now, I wish for anyone who is visiting, happy times and glorious results in whatever you choose to tackle! And if you can……..please leave me a comment…….Hello, Goodbye, Ciao……Anything like this will really thrill me!……Bon Jour, etc.!

All the best, Laara