So for the past thirty years or so I spent my time painting, writing, wandering through forests and fields or lounging on the beach with my back propped up nicely on a piece of driftwood, listening to the ocean waves tumbling in and the high screams of the seagulls while eating steaming hot french fries and sipping on a chai latte…….so my computer skills are pretty much nil….that is really, really teeny weeny even smaller than nil.

Imagine my thrill at starting up this blog, plus another blog “Stand Up for Canada” plus getting my Linked In Profile on line plus joining another artists online group b-uncut and there I found that a friend in Scotland had a YOLASITE and IT”S also Free….Freee…..Frrreeeeee!  Yes, this is me calling out into the night….I finally got the website I’ve been dreaming of since oh….late 1980’s right after I bought my Commadore 64!!! (And that is not a car for you youngsters.  It was one of the first commercial computers available and I spent my scholarship money purchasing it and one had to manually memorize and use commands because there was no mouse!  Thank God someone invented the mouse!!!)

Honestly, This WordPressBlog taught me enough (and it is also FREE) that I could tackle the website.

I am so happy with this.  Now I just have to find out how to do the tutorial on Google Webmaster so that I am listed and so that I am not just talking to myself here at 3:40am, February 12th…..I want to connect….so it will happen,  If you visit I hope you will leave me a message!  Any message will do!  Hello.  Nice.  Okay.  See You.  Bye.  Ciao or something along that line…or longer if you want!  Just kidding.  Have lots of fun!  Very best wishes to whomever may come tumbling in the door of my wonderful new blog!