Silver forest with branches bare
pathway covered in fallen green
I pick up a branch with cones attached
and a piece of birch bark
At the pond the ducks have returned
each with their mate
bobbing beneath the calm waters for food
skim flying across the perfectly still surface
leaving a wave of reflections greens and golds and grays
a little hint of brown and red
further down the path
two trees have grown together
as friends their arms entwine
old growth, they have adjusted to each other’s
movements in the wind
shedding needles and sprouting cones together in the Spring
With surprise I realize that I am content alone
older and more peaceful
I place the fir branches in a vase on my studio floor
toss the birch bark on the drawing table
I will create a new image inspired by these branches, bark and
thoughts of colourful skim flying reflections.